I Start off with an image in mind, one that I have drawn once already in my sketchbook.  It is fairly simple so I can sketch right on the wall, no need for any complicated grid or protector transfer method that I might use on a more complex paining. 


Now That the image is sketched I am ready to start with the colors. For this image I used FLAME ORANGE spray-paint (great brand, affordable alternative to MONTANA or MOLTOW).  As I put the colors into the image I am imagining a light source on the figure emanating from the top left of the image. This determines where I place the shadows, highlights, etc… Also notice the blue rim light active on the shadow side of GREMBLO. this represents a minor secondary light source shining a cool back light on the figure.  


As the color stage progresses I am careful not to lose track of the drawing underneath. the drawing is my guide and is instrumental to doing the line work. I leave gaps in the paint were I know black lines will cover. 

I do the thick black lines with spray paint, its important to note I  am using a skinny cap. I save the finer line-work for my MONTANA black acrylic paint marker. 



Thanks for reading, hope you learned something. if you would like to know more about mural art, MURAL JOE and KIPTOE both have fantastic YOUTUBE channels with helpful content.